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We are excited to announce that we will be introducing a new Food Inspection website in 2015. The new website will have increased search capabilities, more comprehensive inspection data, and incorporate the use of a mobile application.

The food inspection database below contains food inspection results through December 2014. We will provide status updates on the progress of the new website.

For comments and questions please contact us at

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Recognition of Excellence in Food Safety

Recognition of Excellence in Food Safety


Retail Food Facility Inspections

Retail food facilities such as restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, bars and bed and breakfast inns receive routine food safety inspections. Information provided here includes the most recent inspection and any reinspections. Permit suspensions or revocations and permit reinstatements are also included.

Inspection information for temporary food facilities operating at fairs and other community events is not included on this site.

Violations observed at a food facility are either critical or noncritical. Each critical violation is identified on the report as a major critical or minor critical. They represent conditions found during the inspection; the facility’s present condition may be substantially different. This site provides a generic description for each critical violation observed at a facility. A critical violation may be listed more than once for an inspection if it is observed in more than one location at the facility.

Noncritical violations are shown only as the total number found on that date rather than being listed individually.

Specific information that further describes the critical and noncritical violations observed can be found on the actual inspection report.

The food facility operator must have a copy of the most recent inspection report available for review upon request at the facility. Inspection reports covering the last five years are also available for public review at the Environmental Health and Safety office.


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